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The Doves of Altadena ~ Forthcoming

(Mourning Dove’s wing from the ornithologist’s collection in  The Doves of Altadena .)

(Mourning Dove’s wing from the ornithologist’s collection in The Doves of Altadena.)

Twentieth-century Los Angeles is a dark paradise teeming with birds, flowers, movies, smog, and stories, a place where it’s hard to say whether stars—and saints—are born or made.

The Doves of Altadena is an imaginative portrait of a woman who may or may not be a modern Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary. Intricately layered and luminous, this transportive work of literary fiction explores the electric intersection of the prosaic and the divine through one woman’s life.

The Pregnant Sister ~ Forthcoming

(Fruit from the plum tree of  The Pregnant Sister .)

(Fruit from the plum tree of The Pregnant Sister.)

Rose’s other complete new work of literary fiction, The Pregnant Sister, is a slightly fantastical family saga. This novel is comprised of interwoven stories set in an otherworldly Montana town.

Tides ~ In Progress

(The moon in  Tides .)

(The moon in Tides.)

Rose is currently at work on a blend of literary and science fiction called Tides.


Maple Won’t Weep ~ In Progress

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In this developing collection of poems, Rose merges her personal mythology with the realities of everyday life to explore men, women, romantic love, and the natural world in their beauty and brutality.

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